Patent Infringement

The patent infringement lawyers at Burdine Wynne aggressively prosecute patent infringement cases and thoughtfully present complicated and technical issues to juries so that they understand the issues. Aggressive lawyering, harnessing firm resources, and presenting the most complex issues in a reasonable but impactful way, are especially important skills in patent infringement suits. While patented inventions and methods are frequently complex and difficult to grasp, the best patent infringement legal teams can explain the critical science in a common sense, persuasive way. Before trial, however, patent infringement attorneys must be able to grasp the science at issue, closely examine the file wrapper, analyze potential defendants’ infringing activities, and thoughtfully prepare the case to withstand available defenses. The lawyers at Burdine Wynne understand what it takes to win.

Burdine Wynne has successfully protected inventors from patent infringement and recovered what they deserved. The firm is currently investigating patent infringement claims against Microsoft, Intel, and all major computer manufacturers. If you have a patent that you believe an entity or person may be infringing, contact the patent infringement lawyers at Burdine Wynne today for a free consultation.



$39.6 Million unanimous jury verdict on behalf of Kuwaiti subcontractor in Assoc. Const. Co.WLL v. KBR, Inc. in a complex contract dispute

$32.5 Million mediated settlement in 3CI, Inc. v. Stericycle, Inc., a minority shareholder class action lawsuit

$8.2 Million unanimous jury verdict on behalf of oil and gas firm against the Railroad Commission of Texas and plugging contractor Superior Energy Services for the wrongful plugging and abandonment of an orphaned offshore gas well

$5 Million arbitration award in Buffalo/Alabama Apartments Ltd. v. Steadfast Ins. Co. professional negligence by engineers

Successful Confidential Recovery Rathborne Properties, LLC, et al v. ExxonMobil Corporation, et al, NORM contamination suit – damages claimed in excess of $100 Million

Hundreds of Millions of dollars collected in confidential settlements and verdicts against some of the largest companies and most prestigious law firms in the country. The Firm has also defended clients against claims for hundreds of millions of dollars in the aggregate.

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