Visa/MasterCard Interchange Fee Litigation

                Visa and MasterCard (the “Networks”) have been embroiled in antitrust litigation for the better part of a decade.  Merchant plaintiffs have alleged that the Networks have colluded with their member banks (many of the largest known banks in the world) to fix interchange fees (the cost merchants pay to accept credit and debit cards) at supracompetitive levels.  Not only have the banks served on the boards of directors for the Networks and approved high, fixed interchange fees, the banks have agreed not to compete for merchant card acceptance business.  To prevent effective competition between the banks and take away the tools merchants need to get the banks to compete for their business, the banks (and the Networks) have agreed to impose certain Rules (competitive restraints) on the merchants, including the Honor All Cards Rule (if accept one Visa card, merchant must accept them all – even the most expensive cards to accept), No Discount Rule (merchant cannot discount Chase bank cards, for example, to get banks to compete for their business), and the No Surcharge Rule (merchant cannot surcharge credit or debit cards to drive consumers to lower cost forms of payment like cash or lower cost credit, i.e. one without extensive rewards).   

                David Wynne successfully represented a billion dollar fuel distribution and convenience store conglomerate against the Networks and related banks, using innovative and creative litigation strategies to maximize the value of our client’s claims.  Our firm has extensive knowledge regarding the Network industry and has retained the foremost, preeminent experts in the field.  We won significant legal victories against the Networks and bank defendants – victories no other firm in the country has been able to achieve during the course of the interchange fee litigation. 

                Please contact David Wynne at our firm if you are interested in learning about our creative and innovative strategies to effectively pursue these antitrust claims. 


$39.6 Million unanimous jury verdict on behalf of Kuwaiti subcontractor in Assoc. Const. Co.WLL v. KBR, Inc. in a complex contract dispute

$32.5 Million mediated settlement in 3CI, Inc. v. Stericycle, Inc., a minority shareholder class action lawsuit

$8.2 Million unanimous jury verdict on behalf of oil and gas firm against the Railroad Commission of Texas and plugging contractor Superior Energy Services for the wrongful plugging and abandonment of an orphaned offshore gas well

$5 Million arbitration award in Buffalo/Alabama Apartments Ltd. v. Steadfast Ins. Co. professional negligence by engineers

Successful Confidential Recovery Rathborne Properties, LLC, et al v. ExxonMobil Corporation, et al, NORM contamination suit – damages claimed in excess of $100 Million

Hundreds of Millions of dollars collected in confidential settlements and verdicts against some of the largest companies and most prestigious law firms in the country. The Firm has also defended clients against claims for hundreds of millions of dollars in the aggregate.

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