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Qui tam lawyers prosecute lawsuits brought by whistle blowers on behalf of the state or federal governments. In short, a private individual may bring a lawsuit against people or companies who are defrauding the government and recover funds on the government’s behalf. In addition to recovering losses for fraud implemented against government, the False Claims Act provides for awards to whistle blowers who provide original information and prosecute qui tam claims that lead to a recovery for the government.

Similarly, the Tax Code, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and securities statutes allow for private plaintiffs to sue on behalf of the government for tax fraud, SEC violations, and bribery. Burdine Wynne is currently handling a large-scale Medicaid and Medicare fraud qui tam suit against individual doctors and a related hospital that wrongfully charged the government for services that they did not provide. We have the experience required of qui tam lawyers. If you have information regarding fraud against the government, contact the whistle blower and qui tam lawyers at Burdine Wynne for a free consultation.