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The lawyers at Burdine Wynne have handled antitrust and Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”) matters. The firm is well equipped to spearhead affirmative claims or defend companies against these complex litigation claims. Antitrust and RICO causes of action may be pursued on an individual or class-wide basis. Many times, conduct that violates the antitrust or RICO laws negatively impacts many businesses within a common industry. Burdine Wynne understands how to navigate these claims and will consider whether pursuing them on an individual or class action basis provides the best opportunity for clients’ recovery. 

Burdine Wynne’s Houston Texas antitrust lawyers recently served as Plaintiff’s counsel for a substantial convenience store owner and operator that opted out of multi-billion dollar class action settlement against Visa, MasterCard, and numerous national banks involving antitrust violations known as the In Re Payment Card Interchange Fee and Merchant Discount Antitrust Litigation. The firm successfully defeated the Defendants’ attempt to remove the individual state court suit to federal court, confirmed Plaintiffs’ antitrust standing through summary judgment, and obtained a successful confidential recovery for the Plaintiffs. Defendants were represented by many of the largest and most well-known law firms in the country.

The firm has also asserted claims for RICO claims against one of the largest banks in the world regarding its conspiring to market accidental death insurance to underprivileged account holders over the phone and continuing unauthorized automatic withdrawals. 

If you or your business has suffered from anticompetitive conduct such as price-fixing, group boycotts, or monopolies, or from RICO violations on account of wire fraud, mail fraud, commercial bribery or any other such predicate acts, please contact our firm for a consultation.