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Investing in various business or activities can be a world ripe for fraud and deceit. Burdine Wynne understands that complex investment contracts, private placement memoranda, road show materials, and negotiations for exchanging millions of dollars can implicate important legal duties and expose sellers to meritless allegations. Burdine Wynne understands the important claims and legal defenses to aggressively handle your investment fraud suit, whether you find yourself with potential claims or as a defendant.

For example, in cause No. 92-23904; Rathborne Properties, Inc., Caroline K. Walton, the J. Hunter Walton Trust (1979), Robert Norton, William A. Settoon, Jr., and John B. Elstrott vs. Enclean, Inc. Malcolm Waddell, and Timothy Tarrillion; the firm represented plaintiff sellers of private corporation in multi-million dollar claim for securities fraud against purchasing public company and its management team that resulted in a favorable confidential recovery in mediation.

Ken Wynne also represented T. Rowe Price as one of several plaintiffs (the others of whom were represented by other counsel) against several defendants for securities fraud in connection with a private placement of debentures. The case was tried to a jury for approximately two weeks and T. Rowe Price recovered a seven figure judgment.

Investment fraud may include claims for common law fraud, statutory fraud involving securities or real estate, fraud by non-disclosure, unjust enrichment, promissory estoppel, breach of contract, conspiracy, and possibly conversion, among other claims. Burdine Wynne’s investment fraud attorneys know how to apply the appropriate pressure on defendants or staunchly defend baseless claims.