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Our firm has handled complicated breach of contract claims both domestically and abroad. Contract provisions vary and their application may depend on the type of business, industry, or location. The lawyers at Burdine Wynne have handled numerous, complex breach of contract claims for plaintiffs and defendants. Whether the contract has an arbitration clause or will be presented in Federal or State court, Burdine Wynne is dedicated to analyzing and understanding every contract provision and efficiently litigating breach of contract claims for all types of businesses and circumstances. The firm has also pursued and defended against quantum meruit and promissory estoppel claims, which might apply if the contract at issue is either unenforceable or a party justifiably relied on another’s unilateral promise.

Among the many breach of contract claims the firm has either pursued or defended, the firm represented a Kuwaiti engineering and construction firm related to a subcontract to supply containerized housing units to support US Army personnel involved in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The governing contract involved complex construction, military, government regulatory, and international provisions. Kenneth and David Wynne litigated the claims through trial and obtained a unanimous jury verdict on all issues for nearly $40 Million against KBR, Inc.

Burdine Wynne’s breach of contract lawyers are accustomed to analyzing the most complex contract disputes and successfully prosecuting or defending them through trial or resolution. Contact Burdine Wynne if you or your business is involved in a significant breach of contract claim.