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Burdine Wynne LLP is a litigation boutique dedicated to success through excellence in service. Our firm regularly handles serious, complicated, and high stakes cases for plaintiffs and defendants. We approach each case with the guiding principle that there is always away, and there is always a best way. We work tirelessly to navigate the best way for each client and circumstance.

The attorneys at Burdine Wynne LLP have recovered hundreds of millions in damages for clients and have successfully defended hundreds of millions in claims as well. We are prepared to prosecute or defend your case through trial and have a history of trial success against the largest law firms in the country. Our personal attention, resources, and dedication to hard work undergird our commitment to excellence. The proof is in our exceptional results.

When trial can be avoided on reasonable terms, we also develop creative, value-driven solutions. Delivering value in complex circumstances is at the core of what we do. Beyond influencing how we might resolve disputes without trial or even without litigation, our heart for delivering value also determines how we structure fee arrangements and means we consider our clients’ circumstances and the nature of their cases in doing so. Large teams of litigation associates, superfluous discovery, and protracted disputes over immaterial issues are not required. In fact, they frequently detract from the lead lawyer’s depth of understanding the case and can grossly increase client costs.

At Burdine Wynne, our clients can count on an experienced attorney handling each stage of their cases. Each attorney at the firm has a history of success in complex, multi-million dollar disputes against the most capable adversaries. The depth of our experience, thoughtful commitment to hard work, and devotion to our clients’ interests have proved to be the most effective way to litigate time and again.

The Firm is open to various fee arrangements depending on the nature of the case and the circumstances of the client. The possibilities include contingent, hourly rate based, combinations of the two, and even, on occasion, flat fees. We always endeavor to work efficiently and on the fee basis most suitable to the client and the situation.

We have obtained recoveries from some of the largest companies in the world and in opposition to some of the best known lawyers and law firms in the United States. We have also successfully defended individuals and companies. We always endeavor to do so efficiently and on the fee basis most suitable to the client and the situation.

We welcome referrals and joint ventures. We will work to maximize value for all involved in the suit.